Attachment and Bonding Center of Atlanta, LLC

The Alliance for Change through Treatment (ACT)


The Alliance for Change through Treatment (ACT) was founded in 2005 to provide State Funded Medicaid/Uninsured services to the children and families of Georgia. ACT provides Personal/Family based training, Therapy, Intensive Family Intervention, Crisis Intervention and Groups. If you have private insurance, please contact our intake coordinator at 678-406-9707, for further details.



We serve children and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 21. Additional requirements for services are based on the level of treatment requested. Insurance authorizations must be obtained prior to service delivery.




Our professional team consists of licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, a staff nurse, licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, certified counselors and highly trained paraprofessionals.



We are a Medicaid provider and accept most private insurance plans. We are also a participant in the state funded Fee for Services reimbursement program which makes our services affordable to all of our consumers. Additionally, most of our services are provided in the consumers’ homes and we assist with transporting consumers to service related appointments in the community.




  • Behavioral Health and Nursing Assessments
  • Psychiatric & Psychological Evaluations
  • Individual and Family Skills Training
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Intensive Family Intervention
  • Community Support Services
  • Specialized Treatment
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Group Training








    Alliance for Change through Treatment, LLC (ACT)

    Alliance for Change through Treatment, LLC (ACT) is a multi-service, mental health and social service agency. The agency is owned and managed by clinicians with decades of clinical experience in the fields of mental health and social services. More>


    Alliance for Change through Treatment, LLC (ACT)

    Attachment and Bonding Center of Atlanta, LLC (ABC) was founded to provide Neurofeedback (QEEG) and specialized treatment for children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) while providing training for the parents and families of these children. More>


    Alliance for Change through Treatment, LLC (ACT)

    ABC University is a training institute designed for those providing services in the wellness* profession as well as individuals and parents and/or guardians of children wanting to enhance personal development. We strive to provide outstanding training opportunities for mental health clinicians, parents, adults, service providers, legal personnel and other helping professionals. More>


    Alliance for Change through Treatment, LLC (ACT)

    Atlanta Center for Healing, serving the Dekalb County communities, is a non-profit that takes a holistic approach in addressing the needs of individuals in need of alternative resources to mental and behavioral health matters. Atlanta Center for Healing targets low-income, indigent populations and offers counseling services and resource coordination for children and adolescents traumatized by life events.  This population may include children who are victims of sexual offenses or other types of abuse, have been neglected, or have been exposed to violence. More>